Capital Caracas

Population 31,028,700

Area 916,445 km2

Key facts

Venezuela is a country located in South America. There are 3 countries (Brazil, Colombia, Guyana) that Venezuela shares its borders with. The official language of Venezuela is Spanish. Traveling across Venezuela if English is your first (and only) language may be difficult due to language barriers.

In the EF English Competency Index (EF EPI), which assesses the language proficiency of non-native speaking countries, Venezuela was ranked 73rd out of 100 countries in 2021.

The national currency in Venezuela is Venezuelan bolívar (VEF). The bolívares fuertes (Bs) is subdivided into 100 céntimo (¢).

With today’s currency rate, 1 EUR is worth 2800419.38 VEF and 1 USD is worth 2609682.88 VEF.





Check with your bank before your trip to find out if there are any fees for using your card abroad. Some banks do not charge fees when you use a foreign ATM or pay in foreign currency, but others may charge a fixed cost for each transaction or allow a limited number of free withdrawals. The travel card provided by, Revolut or Monose might be an excellent option to cut down on transaction fees.

Ookla® Speedtest The average fixed internet speed in Venezuela is 48.83 Mbps and mobile is 13.76 Mbs.The global average is 159.18 Mbps and 109.61 Mbps respectively.

ATM Density When compared to the world average, Venezuela has more ATMs.48.41 ATMs per 100,000 people.The global average is 39.69.

SIM Registration No data available.

Socket types

There are 2 socket types used in Venezuela. Type A & Type B are widespread in North America (incl. the U.S.), Central America, Japan, and the Philippines.

Type A 120 V, 60 Hz  Type B 120 V, 60 Hz  

The sockets’ shapes and voltage differ from country to country and a travel plug adapter may be required. Portable devices, such as phones, notebooks or tablets, usually handle the entire range of voltages used across the world (110-240V).

Public holidays

In the year 2023, Venezuela will celebrate 38 national public holidays.

Date Holiday name
January 1, 2022 New Year’s DayDía de Año Nuevo
January 6, 2022 EpiphanyDía de Reyes
January 14, 2022 Feast of the Divina PastoraDía de la Divina Pastora
January 15, 2022 Teacher’s DayDía del Maestro
February 12, 2022 Youth DayDía de la Juventud
February 20, 2022 Federation DayDia de la Federacion
February 28, 2022Moving holiday CarnivalCarnaval
March 1, 2022Moving holiday CarnivalCarnaval
March 8, 2022 International Women’s DayDia Internacional de la Mujer
March 19, 2022 St Joseph’s DayDía de San José
March 21, 2022 Slavery Abolition AnniversaryDía del abolición de la esclavitud
March 31, 2022 Foundation anniversary Day of San Cristóbal, TáchiraAniversario del fundacion del San Cristóbal
April 19, 2022 Beginning of the Independence MovementDiez y nueve de abril
May 1, 2022 Labor DayDía del Trabajador
May 3, 2022 Fiesta de las CrucesDía del Cruz del Mayo
May 8, 2022Moving holiday Mother’s DayDía de las Madres
June 19, 2022Moving holiday Father’s DayDía de los Padres
June 24, 2022 Army DayDía de San Juan Bautista y aniversario de la Batalla de Carabobo
June 27, 2022 Journalists’ DayDía del Periodista y aniversario de la instauración del Decreto de Instrucción pública gratuita y obligatoria
July 5, 2022 Independence DayCinco de julio
July 17, 2022Moving holiday Children’s DayDia del niño
July 24, 2022 Navy DayNatalicio del Libertador, Dia de la Armada Nacional
July 25, 2022 Caracas City Foundation DayAniversario del fundacion del Caracas
August 3, 2022 Flag DayDía de la Bandera
September 8, 2022 Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary and feasts of the Virgen del Valle and Our Lady of CoromotoDía del Virgen del Valle, aparicion del Virgen del Coromoto
September 24, 2022 Feast of the Our Lady of MercyDía del Virgen de las Mercedes
October 12, 2022 Day of Indigenous ResistanceDía de la Resistencia Indígena
November 1, 2022 All Saints’ DayDía de Todos los Santos
November 2, 2022 All Souls’ DayDía de los fieles difuntos
November 17, 2022 Feria of La ChinitaFeria de la Chinita
November 18, 2022 Feria of La ChinitaFeria de la Chinita
November 19, 2022 Feria of La ChinitaFeria de la Chinita
November 21, 2022 University Students DayDía del estudiante universitario
December 8, 2022 Immaculate Conception, Loyalty DayInmaculada Concepción, Dia de la Lealtad
December 17, 2022 Simon Bolivar Memorial DayAniversario de la muerte de Libertador Simon Bolivar
December 24, 2022 Christmas EveNochebuena
December 25, 2022 Christmas DayNavidad
December 31, 2022 New Year’s EveNochevieja


What hotel chains are present in Venezuela?

There are Mariott hotels in 2 cities: Catia La Mar and Maracay.

There are no Hilton hotels in Venezuela.

There are no IHG hotels in Venezuela.

There are no Best Western hotels in Venezuela.

There are no Radisson hotels in Venezuela.

There are no Accor hotels in Venezuela.

What fast food chains are present in Venezuela?

The McDonald’s chain operates in Venezuela.

The KFC chain does not operate in Venezuela.

The Burger King chain operates in Venezuela.

The Subway chain operates in Venezuela.

The Domino’s Pizza chain operates in Venezuela.

The Starbucks chain does not operate in Venezuela.


What is the weather like in Caracas?

Today the sun in Caracas, rises at 6:03 AM and sets at 6:47 PM. The climate of Caracas may be categorized as a equatorial savanna (Aw), according to Koppen’s classification system.

TodayMay 31FogLow: 19.5°C (67.1°F)High: 26.3°C (79.34°F)
ThursdayJun 1OvercastLow: 20.1°C (68.18°F)High: 26.5°C (79.7°F)
FridayJun 2Rain showersLow: 20.4°C (68.72°F)High: 25.8°C (78.44°F)
SaturdayJun 3FogLow: 19.7°C (67.46°F)High: 27.5°C (81.5°F)
SundayJun 4OvercastLow: 20.1°C (68.18°F)High: 27.5°C (81.5°F)
MondayJun 5FogLow: 20.2°C (68.36°F)High: 26.6°C (79.88°F)

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Railways There are passenger trains operating between some cities.

Subway Systems The subway system is available in Caracas.

Taxi Apps Unfortunately neither Uber nor Bolt are available in Venezuela.

Car Rental Avis , Hertz are available, but Sixt is not present in Venezuela.

Road Connectivity Index (2016)  With a score of 5.6, Venezuela is placed 41st out of 129 nations.

Driving Side In Venezuela traffic is right-handed.


Theft Occurrence Rate  No data available.

Road Traffic Casualties 39.00 deaths per 100,000 people in 2019.The global average is 16.74.

Travel Advisory Level (U.S. DoS)  Level 4: Do not travel. 

Emergency phones in Venezuela

911 Police
911 Ambulance
911 Fire police


Smoking & Alcohol

Smoking ban Smoking is forbidden in all public indoor locations, with limited exceptions.

Cananbis legality Both recreational and medicinal use of cannabis is prohibited.

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