The website’s history began in early2021, when travel was almost impossible due to COVID-19 lockdowns. As someone who enjoys traveling, I was continually looking for places where international tourists were welcome. The entry requirements varied from country to country and were continuously changing. This got me thinking about whether it would be a good idea to compile them all on one website.

The goal

My principal purpose is to provide all of the travel information that has been gathered here free of charge. Furthermore, to make browsing the data easier, all of the information is available without the need to register an account.

When I was trying to decide what information to put on this site, I often found myself in a bind and wondered what information would be most helpful to a typical traveler. Finally, to determine whether the information is valuable, I considered whether it would be useful to someone who travels on a regular, irregular, leisure, or business basis. As a consequence, the content has been shortened and simplified so that you do not waste time reading what you already know or is not interesting.


This is a one-person effort that is completely free to use, which has implications. First and foremost, the only time I have available to work on this is when I do not have any other obligations. As a result, I am unable to provide as comprehensive and detailed information as I would want. That implies, for instance, that I am unable to give city-specific travel advice.

However, I have some ideas about how to improve the functionality of this website. In the future, I plan to provide more information on topics such as air quality and mobile network carriers. In addition to this, I would like to give users the option to download a PDF file with the travel advisory for each country. This would allow users to access the material on their mobile devices or print it out for use while traveling.

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