Capital Sana'a

Population 27,478,000

Area 527,968 km2

Key facts

Yemen is a country located in Western Asia. There are 2 countries (Oman, Saudi Arabia) that Yemen shares its borders with. The official language of Yemen is Arabic. Traveling across Yemen if English is your first (and only) language may be difficult due to language barriers.

In the EF English Competency Index (EF EPI), which assesses the language proficiency of non-native speaking countries, Yemen was ranked 112th out of 100 countries in 2021.

The national currency in Yemen is Yemeni rial (YER). The rial is subdivided into 100 fils.





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Ookla® Speedtest The average fixed internet speed in Yemen is 17.37 Mbps and mobile is 10.4 Mbs.The global average is 192.75 Mbps and 130.75 Mbps respectively.

ATM Density It may be difficult to locate an ATM in Yemen.6.39 ATMs per 100,000 people.The global average is 39.49.

SIM Registration No data available.

Socket types

There are 3 socket types used in Yemen. Type A & Type B are widespread in North America (incl. the U.S.), Central America, Japan, and the Philippines. Type D is not very common around the world, so it might be a good idea to check if your electronics need an adapter.

Type A 230 V, 50 Hz  Type D 230 V, 50 Hz  Type G 230 V, 50 Hz  

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What hotel chains are present in Yemen?

There are no Mariott hotels in Yemen.

There are no Hilton hotels in Yemen.

There are no IHG hotels in Yemen.

There are no Best Western hotels in Yemen.

There are no Radisson hotels in Yemen.

There are no Accor hotels in Yemen.

What fast food chains are present in Yemen?

The McDonald’s chain does not operate in Yemen.

The KFC chain does not operate in Yemen.

The Burger King chain does not operate in Yemen.

The Subway chain does not operate in Yemen.

The Domino’s Pizza chain does not operate in Yemen.

The Starbucks chain does not operate in Yemen.


What is the weather like in Sana’a?

Today the sun in Sana’a, rises at 5:31 AM and sets at 6:29 PM. The climate of Sana’a may be categorized as a mid-latitude desert (BWk), according to Koppen’s classification system.

TodayMay 30OvercastLow: 15.6°C (60.08°F)High: 29.4°C (84.92°F)
FridayMay 31OvercastLow: 17.1°C (62.78°F)High: 28.9°C (84.02°F)
SaturdayJun 1OvercastLow: 15.2°C (59.36°F)High: 29.6°C (85.28°F)
SundayJun 2OvercastLow: 16.7°C (62.06°F)High: 29.8°C (85.64°F)
MondayJun 3OvercastLow: 18°C (64.4°F)High: 30.2°C (86.36°F)
TuesdayJun 4Partly cloudlyLow: 17.4°C (63.32°F)High: 29.7°C (85.46°F)

Weather data for Sana’a (capital city) by


Railways There are no passenger trains available.

Subway Systems There is no subway system in any city.

Taxi Apps Unfortunately neither Uber nor Bolt are available in Yemen.

Car Rental Hertz is available, but Avis , Sixt are not present in Yemen.

Road Connectivity Index (2016)  With a score of 3.2, Yemen is placed 114th out of 129 nations.

Driving Side In Yemen traffic is right-handed.


Theft Occurrence Rate  No data available.

Road Traffic Casualties 29.40 deaths per 100,000 people in 2019.The global average is 16.74.

Travel Advisory Level (U.S. DoS)  Level 4: Do not travel. 

Emergency phones in Yemen

194 Police
191 Ambulance
191 Fire police


Smoking & Alcohol

Smoking ban No known rules against smoking, or no information is available.

Cananbis legality Both recreational and medicinal use of cannabis is prohibited.

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